Instinctview Labs develops eponymous software application which generates AI-powered insights on psychological attributes formulated by deep learning algorithms. Our distinctive Algorithm provides real-time, Functional, and scientifically demonstrated unconscious motivational traits towards implicit motives.

Instinctview aggregates and analyzes the elements of individual communication (Text / Speech / Interview / Meeting) to provide an exclusive and novel benchmark to predict the Instinct towards Implicit motives.

Why Implict Motives ?

Motivation can be defined as a fierce commitment to excel in the pursuit of unselfish goals. Implicit motives are stable and relatively unconscious which had been developed in an early stage of life. Implicit motive is an important predictor of long-term spontaneous behavior outcomes such as entrepreneurial success and High-performance behavior.

Why Achievement Instinct is Significant ?

  • The achievement motive involves a concern for excellence and unique accomplishment, and is associated with restless activity, moderate risk-taking, using feedback or knowledge of results, and entrepreneurial activity

  • Accumulated findings across business and psychology have shown that achievement motivation is a powerful construct for predicting success across a wide range of areas in everyday life

  • Essential ingredient and hallmark of entrepreneurship development leading to industrial and economic development.

  • It serves the major sources of the entrepreneurial spirit

  • It is a psychological construct that keeps entrepreneurs activated towards their goals.

  • Being inner drive, it is significant for the people for all walks of life be entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, social workers and so on.

  • This also serves as one of the effective inventions for organizational development and, in turn, national development.

  • The significance of achievement motivation in essence can be summed up by quoting Abraham Lincoln’s statement; “Always remember in your mind that your own resolution to succeed (i.e. achieve) matters the most that anyone thing.”

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