Athera Essentials of Business Registration (AEBR)

Workshop on Business Registrations & Entrepreneurship

Athera Essentials of Business Registration (AEBR) one day intensive workshop which facilitates the understanding of Business Registrations and compliance in India.

The intensive workshop will facilitate the learning of pursuing entrepreneurship and how to start an entity in India along with managing the compliance for the limited liabilities companies.At the end of the workshop the participant will also be assessed on motivational attributes and creative imagination. Individual developmental plan will be shared confidentially.

The Entrepreneur will have several questions before starting the business, for example.

  • I know what business I want to start, but do not know what are the legal formalities

  • What type of entity should i start ? Is it Partnership firm or private limited company or any other form?

  • How do I form a partnership firm?

  • How do I Maintain the books of Accounts?

  • What accounting software can I use?

  • How do I plan my expenses in the Initial stages?

  • How do I create MIS Report?

  • When Should I go for GST, EPF, ESIC and Labour compliance?

  • How do I create my salary Structure?

  • What are the Various sources of Financing?

  • How do I appoint auditors?

  • How do I calculate the Income tax?

and so on..

Key Deliverables

  • The participant will know how to incorporate a business

  • The participant will get an idea on what kind of entity will be suitable to their business

  • The participant will know how to start a company on their own.

  • The participant will get an idea about Managing the basic registration

  • The participant will know about importance of IPR

AEBR - Workshop Modules

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