How Athera’s Air Travel Technology Platform Enabled the digital Transformation of a Paris-based Travel Agency.

"Learn how Athera's cutting-edge air travel tech transformed a top Paris travel agency. With Athera's solutions, they seamlessly fused digital tools, revolutionising services and enhancing customer experiences. Dive into their tech evolution that reshaped travel services."


The Scenario


The Challenge


The Solution


The Significance


The Framework


Our client, a prominent IATA-recognised travel agency headquartered in Paris, France, offers a range of services including visa processing, tour planning, and ticket booking. Specialising in tailored travel solutions for international events and concerts, they serve over 2000 customers with customised ticketing services. Despite their sizeable customer base, the agency has yet to embrace digital platforms for ticket reservations and bookings, preferring to maintain their value proposition of personalised solutions. However, this reluctance risks losing customers to online air ticket booking websites. 

The Challenge

To bridge this gap, the agency has partnered with various air ticketing GDS systems such as Amadeus and other major distributors. The concept of a global distribution system, abbreviated as GDS, emerged from the need to facilitate the distribution of flight tickets. Operating as an intermediary between travel agents and various travel service providers, a GDS functions as a computer network that gathers inventory, schedules, and fares from suppliers. It then offers online travel agencies (OTAs) and other resellers the ability to search for and book these services through connectivity APIs or agent platforms.  Amadeus APIs connect you to the content and capabilities you need tao build exciting new travel solutions. Access extensive travel content to help your users through their entire journey and use powerful inspiration, search, booking capabilities to take your business to the next level. Visit the Amadeus for Developers portal to start powering your app with Amadeus APIs

Therefore, the challenge at hand is to undergo digital transformation while preserving the current value proposition and unique selling proposition (USP). Given the agency's budget constraints, they are carefully considering their options.

Comprehensive Information

Providing extensive travel insights, encompassing safety measures and local attractions

Integration         Costs

Seeking an economical API integration solution for the travel agency.

Holistic User Experience

Offering travellers a comprehensive destination overview while maintaining the existing value proposition and personalised solutions for its customers.

Digital Transformation

Offering travellers a comprehensive destination overview while maintaining the existing value proposition and personalised solutions for its customers.

The Solution

Our dedicated Technology team has embraced this challenge and crafted a tailored solution to meet the client's needs. Leveraging the Amadeus self-service API, we designed the architecture and workflow, subsequently subscribing to the Enterprise API with limited functionalities. Certification of our application was a crucial step in this process, and we're pleased to announce that we have successfully passed the certification for the major test cases outlined below.

Booking flow 

Main Full Service Carrier

Booking flow 

Negotiated/Corporate Fares

Booking flow 

Main LTC

Booking flow 

 Ancillary Bags (chargeable)

Booking flow – Ancillary Bags (chargeable)

Retrieve an AQC Flight Order

Retrieve a booking by record locator

Booking flow – Complex Itineraries 

Booking flow – One-Way Combinable

Queue List

Queue Place PNR and issue ticket.

The architecture has been intricately crafted to facilitate flight search and itinerary freezing, offering users two distinct options: direct booking and agency-assisted booking. With the direct booking workflow mirroring conventional online booking processes, users can seamlessly purchase tickets, make online payments, and instantly generate PNRs with e-tickets.

Opting for agency-assisted booking entails sending the reservation to the Selling Platform, where the agency verifies and confirms details, ensuring a smooth integration with the Amadeus selling platform. This seamless process allows users to navigate and successfully secure reservations. Consequently, the agency has undergone digital transformation while preserving their USP and value proposition.

The application has been developed for website (browser-based), iOS, and Android platforms, ensuring compatibility across mobile browsers. Leveraging a cloud-based serverless architecture on a subscription model, clients can conveniently pay based on usage and bookings We guide the clients through the entire pre- development process, from market research to full-speed development. Their dedication to ensuring founders have complete control over their projects sets them apart in the industry. The integration of Amadeus APIs transformed our client into a travel platform that enhances user experience and makes it a top choice for travellers.

The passionate team behind our air ticketing booking applications places a strong emphasis on values rather than solely focusing on profit. This approach ensures that our growth trajectory is not only sustainable but also driven by continuous innovation. By prioritizing values such as customer satisfaction, reliability, and efficiency, we aim to deliver exceptional service while fostering long-term relationships with our users.

The Significance 

Our Framework

Are you aiming to revolutionise your travel services through digital transformation? Let us assist you in harnessing technology to achieve your goals. Our expertise extends to seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence into your platform, enhancing its capabilities.

Elevate your travel solutions with the Athera Travel Technology platform, seamlessly connecting you to indispensable content and functionalities. Access a plethora of travel resources to enrich your users' experiences, while utilising dynamic inspiration, search, and booking tools to propel your business forward. Unleash the full potential of your travel offerings and elevate your enterprise to unprecedented levels of success.

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