Customised ERP Integration Focused 

on Client Engagement 

"Discover how a South Indian auditing firm effectively boosted. client engagement by integrating an ERP system with a strong focus on CRM functionality “


The Scenario


The Challenge


The Solution


The Significance


The Impact


Our client boasts over 20 years of expertise in Auditing and Tax advisory services, catering primarily to Banks, Financial Institutions, PSUs, Government Departments, and Manufacturing companies. Despite their extensive client base and a reputation for service excellence, managing customer relationships has proven to be a challenge. Constant communication and approvals required from customers at various service stages, as well as for multiple filings, have led to communication gaps and dissatisfaction among clients, ultimately causing delays in payment settlement.

The Challenge

While the employees, article assistants, interns, and Chartered Accountants are well-versed in statutory laws, income tax compliance, and auditing, they lack proficiency in sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Considering that sales and customer engagement are not their core competencies, providing extensive training to the team members may not be a feasible solution. Outsourcing these activities is also not ideal.

Therefore, implementing an automated CRM system is imperative. This system will keep customers well-informed at every stage of our services, allowing our employees to focus on their core competencies rather than spending time on mundane tasks such as documentation and communication. This strategic shift will enhance overall efficiency and satisfaction levels, leading to smoother operations and improved client relationships.

The Solution

In collaboration with a specialised CRM Technology company, we've meticulously tailored a CRM solution exclusively catering to the needs of auditing firms. Our customized CRM platform offers a comprehensive array of registration and consulting services, each meticulously segmented into manageable tasks with designated timelines. Upon the completion of a specific service, the workflow seamlessly transitions to the subsequent service, ensuring a streamlined operational process.

Our CRM system facilitates the division of routine services into monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual intervals, optimizing efficiency and compliance adherence. For instance, monthly tasks encompass vital processes such as GST filing, TDS payment, ESIC, and EPF. Quarterly obligations include TDS filing and Advance Tax Payment, while bi-annual responsibilities comprise Advance Tax payment and Professional Tax Payment. Annual undertakings, such as Auditing, Income Tax filing, and ROC filing, are also seamlessly integrated into our platform.

The Significance 

With our tailored CRM solution, auditing firms can optimize their operations, enhance client service delivery, and achieve unparalleled efficiency in their workflow management.

The Impact 

Through rigorous research and real-world case studies, we've observed remarkable transformations in client engagement and operational efficiency following the implementation of our CRM solution:

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